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HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySql, XML, Ajax, Json, Python
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We will learn here web development. We will learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySql

To learn web development first of all we need to learn HTML.

HTML is the structure of a website. It will say browser what is title, header, body, footer of the website.

Then we will learn CSS to make website beautiful.

Then we will learn JavaScript to make some functionality on the website so visitors can interact with the website.

Most of the websites on the worldwide web are build with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Then we will learn how to handle data from databse by PHP and MYSql.

Then we can learn XML, Json, Ajax to handle data more effectively.

We will also learn Python so you can understand to manipulate website data better.

I have started this website recently. I will add content everyday. So you will get new content everyday.

Please keep visiting this website to learn more and more web development.

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