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Python Tutorial

Python is a programming language. It can be used in websites as well.

Python script starts with <py-script>

It ends with </py-script>

To show some text on website by python script the code to write is
display("the text to show on website")

To use python script in website, first we have to add python assets in website head.

Then we have to add python script code in the body.

Lets write above code in a notepad. Name the file mypy.php

Upload the page in web server.

Now the page looks like as follows

My First Python Page

The above example shown python script in the website content.

WE can use external python file in the website as well.

Lets create a python script file named mypyscript.py with the following code. PLease note in external file we dont need to write py-script code.

Now we can include the python script file in another webpage mypyscriptshow.php

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